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When we feel stress, aging with all kinds of health concerns, it is time to return to simplicity and recondition our body and mind. Healing is not depending on healers, doctors or some secret magic cure. A couch potato just can’t run a marathon; only when you get up and exercise can your body  have the ability to run.  An unhealthy person will need to find the cause of their disease and go to the source of health- quality jing, qi and shen. We need to take control of our own health. A retreat program is only a start to help you find a plan and feel a hope for a healthy life again.

Escape from noise and stress, remove yourself from an unhealthy environment, come to our retreat center, receive customized treatments, live simple and find your true nature. The teachings of Daoism will be practiced in our earthly life in Dao House. You will learn to eat, practice, meditate, and exercise your body to achieve maximum results. You will return home with a fresh mind, body and spirit.

We are offering retreat programs and travel to wellness programs for individuals or groups participation. Participants who come for our program will get a costumed design healing program based on your consultation of Yi Jing. Whether you choose to stay for 7 days or 30 days for the retreat program or 3 days or 5 days for the travel to your wellness program, you will have a clear objective goal for healing and a plan for prevention and longevity.



1). Nourishing Life (weeklong and monthly)

This retreat offers a customized program of services that may include:  Yi Jing and Daoist healing consultation, daily tai chi and qi gong exercises, herbal diet, acupuncture and massage, herbal foot bath, tea drinking and a plan for healing the whole body, mind and spirit.

2). Dao Yin (Daoist Stretching) and Meditation [weekend package]

Provides three daily routine forms of Dao Yin and simple meditation practice. Exercise daily each morning, eat homemade organic meals daily and experience an hour long healing massage during your retreat.

3) Healing Package

Understand the root of your specific ailment and receive treatment by our traditional and functional Medical Doctor, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and herbalists. Includes tai chi movement therapy for a long term healing plan.

4) Spa (weekend package)

Rejuvenate the body and spirit. Spa package consists of Oxygen therapy, acupuncture, massage, External QI healing (EQH), herbal foot bath and organic herbal diet, plus daily exercises.

5) Horse and Nature Experience (weekend and weeklong)

Bond, care for and experience healing with a horse. Daily horse rides in nature guided by experienced wranglers. 

6) Daoist Consultation (weekend package)

Participate in a spiritual consultation with 25th generation Wu Dang Daoist Priest Chen. Learn strategies for recovering from emotional, physical and spiritual trauma. A complete healing plan and methods will be provided.