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Wu  Dang Chen present information regarding Daoism and Daoist holistic healing arts, please explore them all, they only represent Wu Dang Chen's personal knowledge regarding

  • Tai Chi;
  • Qi Gong;
  • Dao Yin;
  • Kung Fu
  • Meditation;
  • Master Within;
  • Daoist Philosophy;
  • Alchemy; and
  • Holistic self-healing arts.



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Internal Kung Fu

The Concept of Liang Yi – Internal Kung Fu

Learn to Move like a Dragon, Sit like a Tiger, and Yield like Lighting, Yin and Yang united.

Liang Yi, also known as Tai Yi or Tai Chi Long Fist, is a Wu Dang Internal Kung Fu (Nei Jia Chuan) style. It is a technique to train hands, eyes, body, foot work and explosive power (Hun Yuan Jin) for internal martial artists. Characteristically it combines fast and slow, soft and hard movements and teaches the student to move like a dragon, sit like a tiger, and yield like lighting. It applies softness to overcome hardness, stillness to restrict motion, following the opponent's energy to strike back. It is a very practical self-defense art. All Wu Dang martial artists are required to practice Liang Yi.

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Meditation to many around the world consists of quieting the mind, sitting still, regulating the breathe and visualizing a happy thought, all in the effort to find peace and tranquility to entertain the spirit. Although meditation can bring a sense of peace, the true value of this practice is rarely understood. Meditation has the ability to not only regulate and harmonize the body, mind and spirit but it can also prevent and cure disease to achieve healthy longevity and, at its highest level, direct one into the portal of immortality.

Meditation has many benefits, but in particular three stand out:

As discussed above, meditation harmonizes the body, mind and spirit allowing for a feeling of joy and peace. This is a wonderful benefit, however, at this level of meditation it will not get you healthy.

Meditation prevents disease. Through meditation, the body self regulates qi (life force) and blood which

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Qi Gong

1.  Concept and functions  

Qi Gong is an art of breath work combined with regulation of the mind. Names originally associated with qi gong in ancient China include: Jing Zuo (sit still); Nei Guang (observe inner), Tiao Xi (regulate breath); Ming Xiang (think deeply), Tu Na (breathe in and out).

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Tai Chi (Ji)

1.  History of Tai Chi

Wu Dang Daoist priest Zhang Sanfeng created Wu Dang Tai Chi 13 movements about six hundred years ago in Wu Dang Mountain, China. He developed tai chi based on ancient form of dao yin, breathwork, medicinal practice, religious belief and mystical arts. He is the creator of Chinese tai chi and of Wu Dang tai chi.  He passed on his forms to Wang Zhong Yue in the North of China.  Wang then passed down the forms to Jiang Fa of Zhao Bao style of Zhao Bao village in He Nan province, China. Jian then passed down the forms to Chen Wan Ting of Chen Style in Chen Jia Gou village, China...

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Dao Yin

Ancient Chinese people imitated the movement of animals in nature in order to maintain the smooth flow of blood and qi. This practice prevents illness which leads to a long and healthy life. Dao yin uses a combination of methods to cultivate qi such as regulating the breath while stretching the body. Popular forms include eight pieces of brocades and five animal play, however there are hundreds of different forms.

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Nourishing Life

A good healthy start to nourishing one’s life is to consume vegan, organic food and water in order to produce healthy alkaline jing (one of the three treasures of the human body). When one practices organized body movement which works with the Kidneys, such as dao yin or tai chi, a higher quality of zhen qi will be produced. Combine the above with high quality meditation to return to simplicity and nourish one’s shen (spirit) to achieve a well-nourished life and healthy longevity.

Components of leading a well-nourished life:

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Road Map to Healthy Longevity

Three Treasures of Human Body: the three treasures of the human body are Jing - essence, Qi - energy, and Shen - spirit. The quality and quantity of the treasures dictate our health and longevity.

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The Legend of Zhen Wu

One day the Jade Emperor was in heaven when all of a sudden he saw, far away, below the clouds, five colored beams of light shooting up from earth to heaven.  He was very surprised and asked his prime minister “What is this?  Can you go take a look?”  The prime minister went to the edge of the clouds, and looked down to the earth.  He came back and reported: “The five streams of light come from a golden tree on Wu Dang Mountain in China.  They are the spirits of the five elements.  When they beam up the power of harmony is shooting straight through the universe all the way to heaven.”

"Wow," the Jade Emperor said, “I have all the treasure of the universe, but I’ve never seen this light.  I should go look at that.”  At that moment, ego and desire stirred in his chest, one of his 99 souls separated from him and went into a Queen’s belly to become a baby.  The Queen's baby was Prince of the pure happiness kingdom.  He was very powerful and very smart.  He knew all the books, wrote poems, and was interested in alchemy.  At 14 years old, the Prince didn’t want to become the next ruler of the kingdom.  So he rode off to Wu Dang Mountain to cultivate alchemy and immortality.  He had heard that Wu Dang was mystical and knew that Wu Dang had this golden tree.  When the Prince saw the beautiful and powerful tree and saw the light beaming from it, he got off his horse and started to kneel down to pray to the tree.  But the Prince's soul was the Jade Emperor's and when the Five Elements in the Tree saw that the Jade Emperor had come to kneel down they were scared and ran off to the edges of the universe as they could not have him kneel to them. They disappeared to the five corners of the universe.

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Reflections on Happiness (3 of 3)

To continue from my last post: Giving indeed must be a gift from the heart.  The gift is from the heart, it’s not measured by how much you give.  It is to give up the need to associate yourself with being poor or rich.

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Reflections on Happiness (2 of 3)

There are so many people who make $50,000 per year, $100,000 per year, $1,000,000 per year, and they have all this stuff, and they’re just not happy.  The problem is that they have not achieved enough spiritual enlightenment to understand philosophically or spiritually what “enough is enough” means to them.  Because they measure the value of their life by how much they have, and they set their goals so high, they have created a goal that is unrealistic to achieve in the short term.  There’s the logic, and people track on that logic.  They just aren’t satisfied with the short term goal or they set their goal beyond their ability and they are not able to understand that enough is enough.

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