Wu Dang Chen conducts three lectures per month on topics like:

  1. Master Within: lectures to guide students on a journey inward to awaken their own master within to take charge of their own destiny of health and spirit. This lecture is based on Daoist philosophy and theory plus spiritual consultation, leading you to learn about the Dao and live a full productive life.
  2. Dao De Jing: lectures to guide students to study the Daoist sacred scripture ”Dao De Jing”, not only from a philosophical angle but also exploring the Nei Dan alchemical angle to decode the secret practice of the Dao (archived).
  3. Nourishing Life: lectures discussing many topics regarding prevention of illness and preservation of life. Lectures cover all angles for healthy longevity.
  4. Tai Chi Qi Gong: Join Wu Dang Chen for a new series on the alchemy of Tai Chi Qi Gong.

Check the Calendar for the schedule of upcoming lectures