Master Within: Passion for Life

MASTER WITHIN Passion for Life
by Master Chen (Wu Dang Chen)

"Tao follows what is nature and then unites with heaven as one. This is the core philosophy of Taoism. Through my own personal experience as a Taoist priest, I explain the Taoist philosophy of life in a very practical way. By looking at life from another way, I hope to provide you an understanding that life is a joyful journey. We are each the creator and entertainer of our own personal, joyful lives.

Taoism spans over five thousand years of history but still, Western society has received few clear explanations and has only a limited understanding of practical Taoist philosophy."

Book Excerpt:

I was born into a very poor family in the humble village of Chang Le City in Fujian Province located in the southeast corner of China. Chang Le means, “The longest happiness.” Though we were a modest family we enjoyed life, we enjoyed the way that we lived.

From the age of six, I was chosen to live and cultivate in the Taoist Temples of Wu Dang Mountain, China. It is there that I learned and lived the ancient, five-thousand-year-old secrets of a happy, long and fulfilling life. Wu Dang Mountain is one of China’s most sacred mountains. It is one of the birthplaces of Taoism. Everything is mystical about Wu Dang, where the sky opens to fields of immortality. A magical mist nourishes treasures of herbal pharmacology. Fifty thousand years of human civilization trace to the area. Seventy-two mountain peaks bow like flames inward toward the main peak. Looking from above, the main peak resembles a turtle sitting in balance on top of the fire. Little wonder that, in Taoist philosophy, only the turtle, representative of the water element, can sit on top to balance the extreme fire of the universe.

Recently, I journeyed back to a remote cave in the Wu Dang Mountains of China to once again rediscover the purpose of living, going back to the root of life there and reconnecting with the spirit of the people and the mountain. For thirty days, I retreated to a cave, with no baggage. Everything was simple for me. This retreat pulled me back to my origins in order to rediscover the true spirit, to find stillness. We all have to find our own cave daily, devoting our self completely to turning inward to discover our true heart. God, or Tao, is always delivering gold and joy, always delivering selflessly. If your heart is not open, then God is not able to deliver. Just as a gardener must find suitable soil in which to grow seeds, so too must Tao find suitable mud to grow the golden lotus.

Life is a journey. We come to this existence to enjoy life as opposed to being entertained by life. We come into life and we will go from life with nothing in the material. All we have is the glory and joy of living in this short journey. Being human is a gift of Tao. As humans, we all have emotions and desires. We are the combination of our material and spiritual life. We must each entertain and enjoy life in our own unique ways. On our journey, we must find a way to balance both our material and the spiritual being to make the best of life."