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At the Wu Dang store, you will find many items that bring the Tao into your daily life. We offer an array of carefully selected Qi Gong and Tai Chi videos, Taoism books, Chinese spiritual music and other Taoist materials that allow you to benefit from increased health and happiness in your home.

Qi Gong & Tai Chi Videos

All of Wu Dang Chen’s Qi Gong and Tai Chi videos give clear verbal instruction and show the movements from various angles to help you learn them correctly. The Tai Chi master DVDs in the collection are a special opportunity for you to learn directly from a world-renowned Wu Dang Master.

Having taught Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong for over two decades, Wu Dang Chen has perfected the art of demonstrating these internal martial arts. His videos are easy to follow and learn from. They are wonderful tools for anyone who wishes to pursue a life of physical and mental well-being.



Audio Downloads 

Wu Dang Chen's audio recordings, including guided meditations for evening and morning, guidance for pregnancy, and Taoist theory and philosophy are available in mp3 format for download. These are available to provide support in your daily practice.




Chinese Spiritual Music

With the monks chanting at dawn, guqin, dizi, muyu and guzhong players in the distance, and birds singing in the afternoon, there is always music in the Wu Dang Mountains. We are pleased to offer very special albums dedicated to restoring the forgotten beauty of Chinese music and exploring the wisdom of Wu Dang culture through music.

The CDs are classified into five categories:

  • Traditional Chinese instrumental music
  • Chinese health music
  • Traditional Tai Chi music
  • Chinese religious music
  • Chinese new age music

In China, music is used to cultivate the body, mind and spirit. There is music for meditation and Qi Gong practice and Tai Chi music to practice with. All of this music is thoroughly enjoyable in itself, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle by summoning the deep reservoir of spirituality in the Wu Dang.

Taoist Books and Art

Taoism has a long line of important teachers who have contributed to the Path with books, art and teachings. From Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching to Chung and Lu’s teachings, to books about meditation, the Wu Dang store offers many books that help the reader understand the history, spirituality and tenets of Taoism. If you wish to explore the many layers of Taoist thought, these Taoism books will guide your journey.

We also have many traditional Chinese paintings, images of the immortals, and posters to keep the teachings of the Tao foremost in your mind.